Questions about Registration or the Waitlist? 

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What we offer: 

  • A full time 4 Star Rated preschool experience which respects the age appropriate needs of the child

  • Developmentally appropriate curriculum that balances child-initiated activities with adult directed activities

  • A program which supports a child's emotional and social development

  • A Highly Qualified Teacher and Assistant

  • Connection to Oregon Early Learning Standards and to the school district which your child will attend

Mission Statements


Scappoose High School Mission Statement

To nurture, inspire, and challenge students to become confident critical thinkers, socially responsible citizens and life-long learners.

Preschool Palace Mission Statement 

The purpose of Preschool Palace is to educate high school students in research based teaching methods and educational theory by providing an onsite high quality preschool learning laboratory which serves 3 -5 year-olds in our local community. 


Mrs. Adams' Mission Statement

To promote students' critical and creative thinking skills with hands on equitable educational opportunities in a safe, welcoming, rigorous yet supportive learning environment.