Preschool Palace

What is the full day Preschool Palace experience? 

Choosing an educational or care experience for your child is a personal and oftentimes difficult choice. There are many models of preschool education and preschool is often confused with other childcare models. The following information may help you determine the right path for your family. 

Our full day preschool model will provide a developmentally appropriate balance between whole class teacher lead direct instruction and child centered playful inquiry.

Whole Class Instruction

Whole Class Instruction is when the whole class is taught at the same time and in the same way. This approach to teaching is used extensively in the primary grades, as it is developmentally appropriate. However, in preschool smaller chunks of time is what works best. We provide whole class instruction from 10 to 20  minutes at a time. This may include circle or a process art project.

Playful Inquiry

We know that children learn best through extended play. We would like children to explore their surroundings using their senses and we would like to provoke curiosity by guiding their experiences. To do this we set up learning stations called “Provocation Stations” - learning centers presented to provoke curiosity about a subject, so that it may be explored thoroughly. These stations can be set up to explore a wide range of academic topics through play, as well as providing opportunities for learning collaboratively. In this way, social and emotional learning becomes a part of what we teach though naturally occurring opportunities.

Teacher Lead Instruction

Emergent Curriculum Projects

These are projects designed based on the interest of the children and extended through a period of time. For example, when several preschool aged members of our community showed an interest in space the Preschool Director and the Rising Educators responded by helping the children build a space station. The educators may include counting stars and writing their names on ‘moon rocks’ during the project to include Oregon Early Learning Standards. Young children learn best through projects extended over time.

Teacher-lead instruction is planned, prepped and created by the teacher. We keep this type of instruction to less than 10 minutes at a time as is developmentally appropriate. Teacher lead instruction includes lessons provided by the Rising Educators (CTE High School Students).

Daily Rhythm 

Children learn best when they have a consistent rhythm to their days. A daily rhythm in a full day preschool would provide quiet learning times as well as louder learning times. In the afternoon, a restful nap time would be included in the day. While children will not be required to sleep, they will be required to have restful calm bodies so that children who need sleep can rest. Napping mats will be provided.

Preschool Appropriate 

In the past, some American preschools were encouraged to copy kindergartens on a smaller scale. However, now that we know that is not a developmentally appropriate approach, we are committed to NOT being a 'little kindergarten'. A smaller day of preschool requires us to push children to learn through worksheets, flashcards, and rote memorization which is drilled. A longer day of preschool allows us to explore learning through play, as is developmentally appropriate for three to five year olds.

What unique experiences can Preschool Palace offer? 

Preschool Palace

Uses a curriculum based on best practices and research available in the field of education

Has a philosophical approach to education; emergent, collaborative, and hands on learning based in play

Provides specifically designed play opportunities to guide children through their own learning

Respects children as the co-researchers, co-scientists, and co-learners in the story of their own development

Uses Oregon Early Learning Standards to guide emergent curriculum experiences which promote kindergarten readiness

Connected to our School District and assesses children for kindergarten readiness using developmentally appropriate methods