About Preschool Palace

Preschool Palace is a high school Career Technical Education program serving students within the Columbia County area. This preschool, although owned by the Scappoose School District, functions as a business. The high school students write and implement the lessons that are taught to the preschool students under the guidance of a teacher. The High School students enrolled in the program are there by choice as an elective course. Career Technical students have the opportunity to earn college credit from Portland Community College while enrolled in the Preschool Palace program. At the preschool students learn to interact positively with preschool children and encourage development through play.


Preschool Palace is a combination of excellence in education for the preschool students and the high school students at Scappoose High School. The preschool students are in an environment that encourages them to grow and develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. High school students have the opportunity to work with and develop an understanding of young children. Student involvement is an integral aspect of the Early Childhood Education program. Preschool Palace provides an adult/teen-child ratio, which ensures individual attention for each and every preschool student.